How To Make Money with Amazon Native Shopping Ads

How to use Amazon Native Shopping Ads to Increase your Blogging Income

As an e-commerce giant, Amazon always does different from its competitor and always take care of their publisher to earn money with the online product.

If you tired with low paying advertisements & you’re online earning very less with your blog, then you should try Google Adsense Alternatives Amazon Native Shopping Ads, from the help of this platform you guys earn a lot of money. But the condition is, you have a niche blog and major traffic from the USA. If you fulfill these criteria then you can’t imagine your earning.

Amazon has so many ad formats but in this post, I am talking about Amazon Native Shopping Ads, for this platform you guys monetize your blog and earn huge commissions with every sale.

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All About Amazon Native Shopping Ads & how they work?

Amazon Native Shopping ads like a javascript code that you add to your blog or website and automatically ads created as per your choice.

Remember: Amazon pays for both, direct sale and referred sale.

For Example, if John is reading your blog

John Click on your ad (Native Shopping Ads) and redirect your site to, Now if they purchase a product with the same link then amazon gives me a commission (depending on category) and if they not purchase direct link product but buy another product from then Amazon also give me a commission.

so you have a niche blog and your target product as per your category then your conversion rate is much higher than another e-commerce platform.

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Types of Amazon Native Ads

When I writing this blog at that time Amazon offers three types of Native Ads:

Recommendation Ads: This type of ad automatically recommend the best-matched ad as per your content & Your Audience on Blog.

Search Ads: This type of ad allows you to drive recommendations based on your or your audience.

Custom Ads: This type of ad is totally in your control, you can select any product from that you want to promote.

All Format ads are responsive, so you just put your ad code below to text and it will work with all screen sizes ( Mobile, Tablet, Desktop). But again I repeat Amazon Native Ads are not available in India right now, so if you have traffic from the USA then it works for you 🙂

Setup Amazon Shopping Native Ads on Your Site

  • How to create ad codes for Native Shopping Ads
  • Implementing ad codes to your website or blog

First create your Amazon Associates Account, if you have already account then started right away.

A simple click to given link and login to your Amazon affiliate account, when you redirect to Dashboard then hover your mouse to Product Linking Menu. Where you see the Native Shopping Ads button, Just Click them.

Once you click Native Shopping ads you see there are three types of ads, already explain above about these ads. Now, in this tutorial, I cover Custom Ads. so click on the Custom ads button.

Now you see some option to customize & add a product to your ad. there is three ad format like Grid, List, Strip you can select one option as per your choice. After that, you add your selected product as per your niche or category. Minimum 4 products require to generate ad code.

Once you add your all four product then you can preview your ad format, how your ad display in your blog. you can also customize them like search bar add or remove. after that, you copy your ad code and paste it to your blog or website where you want to add Native Ads.

How to add Amazon Native Shopping Ad code in the Blog

At Present Mostly Blog hosted in Blogger or WordPress, the process is the same for both platforms. so I cover with blogger platform.

Just log in to your blogger account and at left panel clicks on the Layout Menu.

Scroll Down and click on Add a Gadget Button at the right sidebar. Now popup appears with some gadgets. Now select HTML/JavaScript and click Plus Icon.

Now Just paste add code into Content Area and Click Save Button. Now click on save arrangement button on top of the layout page.

Now your ad placed and Monetized your blog with Amazon Native Shopping Ads. The same step follows on the WordPress website. Here you can select a Widget option and insert Custom Html after that past code and your ads live on WordPress website.

Automatically Insert Ad Code in Every Post

If you are using WordPress then your work is easy. You can use the Ad Inserter Plugin, which is free and allow you to insert ads anywhere in the blog.

How To Make Money with Amazon Native Shopping Ads

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So Friends as per my experience I share all info about Amazon Native Shopping Ads. I hope You Like this Article if you like then share it. Also if you have any questions or suggestions then comment me. Thanks For your Timing, Have a Nice Day 🙂

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