150+ Quality High PR DoFollow Backlinks List to Boost Your Ranking

High PR DoFollow Backlinks List

If you are looking to boost up your blog traffic with the help of the High PR DoFollow Backlinks List then you are reading the right article. In this article, we’ve listed 150+ HighΒ Authority Backlinks listΒ from where you can create High-Quality Backlink Free for your website.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a hyperlink that links your own web page to other websites or webpage. The link who refers to another source is called a backlink. A Backlink is one of the most used words on the World Wide Web. Many New bloggers or website owners who just started a blog have struggled to find the High PR Dofollow Backlink List Site.

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There are two types of backlinks in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) who handle our link building Strategy.

High PR backlinks dofollow and nofollow
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1. DoFollow Backlink

By default, all the links that you use in a web page who pass link juice to another web page are do-follow links. Dofollow backlinks boost your web page ranking in the right manner.

2. NoFollow Backlink

When your web page links to another web page, but the link has a no-follow tag, it means that the link does not pass any link juice. In another way, no-follow is increasing only your backlink count but not able to improve in your web page ranking. Mostly webmaster uses the no-follow tag when they link to the unreliable website.

Benefits of High PR DoFollow Backlinks List

  • Improve your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Ranking
  • Build your Website Authority also increase Credibility
  • Drive huge traffic to your blog or website
  • Increase your website reliability
  • Send Organic referral traffic to your webpage & improve your Brand Visibility.

Things to Remember While Creating High Page Rank DoFollow Backlinks

  • Don’t spam the internet with unnecessary link building
  • Only create a backlink to the relevant source
  • Check your website backlink and remove spam links
  • Do natural link activity which loved by search engine
  • Don’t do in bulk, set your daily limit

Note: we’ve shared all working and real website link, but how to create backlink this is your smartness. some website gives backlink through, Profile, Commenting, Article Submission, Question & Answer, Guest Post, Bookmarking, Web 2.0 Submission & Forums.

List of DoFollow Backlinks High PR Sites

No.Website LinkPR
1Disqus πŸ”—9
2WordPress πŸ”—9
3Amazon πŸ”—9
4WordPress Support/ πŸ”—9
5Microsoft πŸ”—8
6Blogger πŸ”—8
7Moodle πŸ”—8
8moodle.org πŸ”—8
9Joomla Forum πŸ”—8
10IBM πŸ”—7
11LiveJournal πŸ”—7
12Dell πŸ”—7
13About me πŸ”—7
14Storify πŸ”—7
15Instructables πŸ”—7
16Deviantart πŸ”—7
17Noaa πŸ”—7
18Drupal Forum πŸ”—7
19Open Solution πŸ”—7
20Bitcointalk πŸ”—7
21Studio Press πŸ”—6
22BB Press πŸ”—6
23Simple Machines πŸ”—6
24Edge πŸ”—6
25Freebsd Forums πŸ”—6
26Videolan πŸ”—6
27Ubuntu Forums πŸ”—6
28Daily Strength πŸ”—6
29ASQ πŸ”—6
30Sciencemag πŸ”—6
31OpenSUSE Forums πŸ”—6
32BB Press Forums πŸ”—5
33OECD πŸ”—5
34Westeros πŸ”—5
35Open Office πŸ”—5
36Mozilla πŸ”—5
37IDPF πŸ”—5
38eGullet Forums πŸ”—5
39Free forum πŸ”—5
40Buddy Press πŸ”—5
41Storm Front πŸ”—5
42Eclipse Forums πŸ”—5
43Adblock Plus Forums πŸ”—5
44Audacityteam Forums πŸ”—5
45Linux Questions πŸ”—5
46Tmforum πŸ”—5
47Skollworld Forum πŸ”—5
48CMS Made Simple πŸ”—5
49Mudcat πŸ”—5
50Zotero πŸ”—5
51Summit Post πŸ”—5
52Med Help πŸ”—5
53Immigration Forum πŸ”—5
54Tt-RssΒ πŸ”—5
55Winehq Forum πŸ”—5
56Head-Fi πŸ”—5
57CiviCRM Forum πŸ”—5
58Sites Ieee πŸ”—5
59Endometriosis πŸ”—5
60Tech Guy πŸ”—5
61LLLI Forum πŸ”—5
62Our Umbraco πŸ”—5
63Fud Forum πŸ”—5
64Tv Tropes πŸ”—5
65Qt Forum πŸ”—5

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List of NoFollow Backlinks High PR Sites – Bonus

No.Website LinkPR
1WordPress πŸ”—10
2Google Plus πŸ”—10
3YouTube πŸ”—10
4Gravatar πŸ”—9
5Github πŸ”—9
6Flickr πŸ”—9
7Soundcloud πŸ”—8
8Issuu πŸ”—8
9Imgur πŸ”—8
10BuzzFeed πŸ”—7
11Ted πŸ”—7
12Goodreads πŸ”—7
13Moz πŸ”—7
14Udemy πŸ”—7
15Quora πŸ”—7
16HP πŸ”—7
17BBPress πŸ”—6
18Amazon πŸ”—6
19Lenovo πŸ”—6

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Profile Creation DoFollow Backlinks Sites List

No.Website LinkPR
1Pinterest πŸ”—10
2Vimeo πŸ”—9
3MySpace πŸ”—8
4Behance πŸ”—8
5Nature πŸ”—8
6Theverge πŸ”—7
7Pearltrees πŸ”—7
8Qualtrics πŸ”—6
9Visual πŸ”—6
10Game Informer πŸ”—6
11FrontiersinΒ πŸ”—6
128 Tracks πŸ”—6
13Yudu πŸ”—6
14Mag Cloud πŸ”—6
15Dead πŸ”—6
16Armor Games πŸ”—6
17Warrior Forum πŸ”—6
18Onrpg πŸ”—6
19Bitcointalk πŸ”—6
20Intense Debate πŸ”—6
21Type Pad πŸ”—5
22Skills For Health πŸ”—5
23Hostsearch πŸ”—5
24Rt Soft πŸ”—5
25Cheaper Seeker πŸ”—5

Profile Creation NoFollow Backlinks Sites List

No.Website LinkPR
1Weheartit πŸ”—9
2Polyvore πŸ”—8
3Authorstream πŸ”—7
4Trello πŸ”—7
5Open Street Map πŸ”—7
6Zillow πŸ”—7
7DailykosΒ πŸ”—7
8Plurk πŸ”—7
9Book CrossingΒ πŸ”—7
10Foodspotting πŸ”—6
11Linksys πŸ”—6
12Maxthon πŸ”—6
13Get Satisfaction πŸ”—6
14Codecademy πŸ”—6
15Triberr πŸ”—5
16Lets Talk Bitcoin πŸ”—5
17huntingnetΒ πŸ”—5
18Audioboom πŸ”—5
19Aeriagames πŸ”—5

High DA DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List

No.Website LinkPR
1Reddit πŸ”—9
2Google Bookmarks πŸ”—8
3Digg πŸ”—8
4Slashdot πŸ”—8
5Diigo πŸ”—7
6Plurk πŸ”—7
7Scoop It πŸ”—7
8Fark πŸ”—7
9Hubpages πŸ”—7
10Folkd πŸ”—6
11Bibsonomy πŸ”—6
12Blinklist πŸ”—6
13Dzone πŸ”—6
14Bizsugar πŸ”—6
15Mix πŸ”—5


High DA DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List

No.Website LinkPR
1Bufferapp πŸ”—7
2Elegantthemes πŸ”—6
3Smart Passive Income πŸ”—6
4Noupe πŸ”—6
5Shoutmeloud πŸ”—6
6Blogging Tips πŸ”—6
7Successful Blogging πŸ”—5
8Growmap πŸ”—5
9Wassup Blog πŸ”—5
10Joaoleitao πŸ”—5
11Sylviane Nuccio πŸ”—5
12Visual πŸ”—5
13IΒ M Just Sharing πŸ”—5
14Basic Blog Tips πŸ”—5

List of High DoFollow Backlink Web 2.0 Submission Sites

No.Website LinkPR
1Tumblr πŸ”—10
2Medium πŸ”—8
3Google Sites πŸ”—8
4WordPress πŸ”—7
5Purevolume πŸ”—7
6Blogspot πŸ”—7
7LiveJournal πŸ”—7
8Instructables πŸ”—7
9WN πŸ”—7
10Kinja πŸ”—6
11Kiwibox πŸ”—6
12Minds πŸ”—6
13Angelfire πŸ”—6
14Storeboard.com πŸ”—5

List of High DA DoFollow Backlink Directory Submission Sites

No.Website LinkPR
1Hotvsnot πŸ”—6
2So Much πŸ”—5
3Britain Business Directory πŸ”—5
4High Rank Directory πŸ”—5
5Site Promotion Directory πŸ”—5
6Marketing Internet Directory πŸ”—5
79 Sites πŸ”—5
8USA Listing Directory πŸ”—5
9HappalΒ πŸ”—5
10Add Business πŸ”—5
11Directory Seo πŸ”—5
12Live Popular πŸ”—5
13WLΒ Directory πŸ”—5
14NonarΒ πŸ”—5
15Bedwan πŸ”—5
16Fast Directory List πŸ”—5

Conclusion – Don’t Over-Optimize Your website with High PR DoFollow Backlink Sites, Do Real Work Not Spam on Internet.

At long last, we have appeared total potential rundown of DoFollowBacklink site for you. The DoFollow Backlink locales list was recorded according to the class in this blog entry. This will be useful for your site ranking as it is the most drilled SEO Technique till date. The rundown of sites that we’ve given in this post is certified and without spam goals.

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I hope you like this High page Rank DoFoloow Backlinks, If you feel any issue regarding mention websites then comment, we will resolve your issue as soon as possible. Also, Share your Best High PR DoFollow backlinks site list and bookmark this site for further references.

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